Good News

Our new light ice cream with great flavours, stevia and enriched fibre came out.

Those who want to reduce the calories, our customers who are on low glycaemic index diet, and those avoiding foods containing added sugar due to diabetes can taste some delicious ice cream of Dondurmacci without any problem.

Our light ice creams which are fibre –enriched, energy and oil reduced and were prepared by using fibrelleprebiotic Stevia instead of sugar are offered to all our customers with the perfect Dondurmacci flavour. These are the unique features of our new ice cream:

No added sugar : our light ice creams are prepared without any added sugar except of the small quantities of milk sugar lactose which can be found naturally in milk. The sweetness of our light ice creams which were flavoured with the natural steviol glycosides obtained from stevia plant is indistinguishable from our normal ice cream.

30% less calories and 50% less fat : our light ice cream compared to our normal ice cream contains at least 50% less fat and 30% less sugar according to the flavour. Our ice cream has become even lighter now so you may eat it during a diet.

Does not raise the blood sugar rapidly ; Our new light ice cream does not raise the blood sugar quickly so it can be easily consumed by both patients with diabetes and those on diet programs with low glycaemic index. The prebiotic fibres in the stevia sweetener which was used instead of sugar in our light ice creams do not raise the blood sugar at all because polydextrose , inline, erythritol and stevia are not digested maltitol which is partly digested but has very low glycaemic index cannot raise the blood sugar rapidly. Because the milk sugar, which can be found naturally in our milky ice creams, has only a very limited effect on blood sugar, our light ice creams can be a suitable option for the customers who likes to have control over their blood pressures.

Enriched with prebiotic fibres : did you know that in 1 portion of our light ice-cream (enriched in terms of fibres which are the essential elements of a healthy diet); there are about 5 gr of fibre which is equal to the fibres of 2 medium sized apple? Our light ice-cream which was enriched with inulin derived from chicory plants along with polydextrose, which is other prebiotic featured fibre, offers a very tasty option for the customers who are willing to consume sufficient amount of fibre for a healthy and regular digestive system.

Our delicious light ice creams are waiting for you with our unique quality.


Our car is for your special days, invitations and organizations and for your wholesale and special orders.

**** ½ kg is the minimum order quantity for home and office delivery.

Flavors vary daily according to the seasons so please ask before ordering.

We charge the service by the delivery.

With no added sugar
Fiori Di Latte Di Buffalo
Our new mandate milk
Does not raisethe blood sugar rapidly